Our Story



Over Two Decades of Experience
Jason Davis founded Merge Design in 1999 with the belief that great presentations tell compelling stories one click at a time. Merge has partnered with hundreds of clients to shape their vision and strengthen their strategies. We distill complexity to present information with simplicity and clarity.



Not Just a Pretty Slide Show
Merge Design works closely with leaders and teams to understand their immediate communication needs as well as their core business objectives. Combining design thinking with strategic insights to deliver not just a pretty slide show — but a more powerful set of ideas and a more aligned team.



Never Settling for Good Enough
Merge Design has been a trusted partner for a wide range of clients. From small, local businesses to global brands. From regional restauranteurs to multinational technology companies. The goal of every engagement is to cultivate an ongoing relationship built on trust and continued success.

Our Services


Presentation + Information Design

Focused on helping clients tell compelling stories, Merge applies information design philosophies and techniques to create clear, dynamic and captivating presentations.


Strategy + Insight

Informed by direct engagement and detailed research, Merge collaborates with clients to sharpen their narrative while enhancing their strategic objectives.

Our Work

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